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Kundalini rising can be intense and challenging. It can sometimes be perceived as a curse, especially for those who didn’t actively seek it out. Fortunately, with clarity, curiosity, and support, Kundalini awakening can be the greatest blessing. Using his own journey and experiences as context, he’ll take a look at cultivating trust, surrender, and a cooperative attitude toward this evolutionary process. He’ll explore the power of trusting in the innate intelligence of our body-mind-spirit system to carry out its own ongoing evolution – just like puberty. As well, he’ll discuss how to navigate the emotional and psychological purging cycles with the power of unconditional love.

Picture of Dr Sha'alah Ivory

Brent Spirit

Brent Spirit serves as a spiritual teacher and host of The Spiritual Awakening Show. He offers support for those going through Kundalini Shakti awakening and spiritual emergence. Since childhood, he has been in a mystical and mysterious spiritual awakening process involving expansive states of awareness, non-duality and no-self realizations, Kundalini Shakti awakening, emotional healing, and more. Today, he heeds his call to raise awareness about Spiritually Transformative Experiences, start conversations with others about far out topics, and accompany fellow travelers on the path.

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