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Lisa Jackson’s presentation is in three parts:

1. Life prior to a spiritual awakening, including multiple medical diagnosis, polypharmacy, unhealthy relationships, and addiction.

2. The Spiritual Awakening in 2021, and the challenges afterwards: social isolation, friend loss, career change, fears of entities, end of relationship with partner, and home loss, as well as some of my early experiences with the supernatural.

3. Life now as a Vibrational Medicine Practitioner. Lisa will share her daily spiritual practices and STEs/supernatural phenomenon that are now a regular part of her life. She will describe the 3 principles that changed her life and now enhance her connection to Source: 1. mastering the mind, 2. living in the present moment, and 3. knowing that everything is energy).  Lisa will conclude with sharing her purpose in this life – to help everyday people realize that using our 6th sense in daily life is just the next step in our evolutionary process.

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Lisa Jackson RN

Lisa Jackson RN, is a healthcare professional with 30 years of diverse experience, working both as a Registered Nurse and a Vibrational Medicine Practitioner. As a mother of two adult children, she is deeply passionate about teaching, learning, and connecting with nature. I have devoted myself to exploring the metaphysical world since the early 1990s.

After undergoing a profound spiritual awakening in 2021, she made the decision to leave her corporate nursing position and fully immerse herself in the field of Vibrational Medicine. Her primary focus now is teaching people to use the energy within and around them. Through her work, she aims to help people manage their minds, embrace the present moment, embrace their 6th sense and establish a profound connection with their inner source.  Her services include individual sessions, education classes, public speaking and group work. She is proud to be based in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada., where she strives to make a positive impact within her community.